A .How to choose ?
1. Should use cling wrap made from microwave safe polyethylene( PE ). Cling wrap which is made of PVC & PVDC usually has plasticizer or pigment during manufacturing procedure. It is harmful to health because if PVC or PVDC products contact foods for long time, the foods will assimilate them .
2. The quality guarantees should be indicated on the dispenser box.
3. Do not use the product in microwave which does not have the indication for microwave use.
4. To see if the specification is your need.

B .How to dispense cling wrap:
1. Tear off perforated opening strip;
2. Lift flap and remove roll of cling wrap;
3. Pull out approximately 10cm and replace roll in carton with
unrolled film hanging over front edge;
4. Close lid and pull out length required;
5. Tear off by pulling sharply along the cutting edge.

C .Function:
1. Keep fish, meat vegetable and fruits fresh and clean inside refrigerator without odor.
2. Keep bread, cookies and dried food from moisture.
3. Keep luncheon and sandwiches soft and fresh.
4. Protects foods from freezer burn.
5. Moisture and steam are retained so that the food cooks more evenly and quickly, with moist full-flavored results.

D. Attention:
1. Do not pierce holes in the wrap.
2. To allow steam to escape, vent at the edge of the container.
3. Avoid direct contact with high fat or high sugar content food to prevent melting of the wrap while microwaving.
4. Allowing an air space of about 2.5cm (1in) between the food and the wrap.
5. Do not use in microwave browning units or in conventional ovens,stovetops or toaster ovens.

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